About Us

At Fuller Brothers, we specialise in auto body repairs, spray painting including custom artwork, re-finishing, restorations, rust repair, detailing, diagnostics and much more. We also fit body-kits, window tinting, and can even do custom artwork for a truly unique finish. We are one of the best known smash repairers in the Canberra region and have been in the industry for over 21 years. Our friendly staff always leave you feeling like your vehicle is in the hands of highly confident and skilled professionals.





Our Mission

Our Mission

Fuller Bros is all about superb customer service, quality, skills and punctuality. Hence no matter what your vehicle work entails, you can leave it in our trusted hands without a trace of worry.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Whether you are looking for a quality repair done on an unexpected collision, a quick repair on a small side swipe or just a general quote for future plans, our scope of work is immeasurable.

Our Company

With over 21 years of experience below our belts, we are the trusted name for car and vehicle smash repairs in Canberra. The trust and the peace of mind that we provide has won us the loyalty of many customers, industry professionals and friends over the years.

Being an approved repairer for all car insurance companies in Australia, we cater for all of those unexpected accidents that may occur. With a well-equipped mechanical workshop showcasing the latest equipment and our highly skilled and experienced team, we are well qualified to diagnose and repair even the latest models.

Have a read through our "You Have A Choice" article to read a bit more about relationships between car repairers and insurers in Australia.
Our Company

Our Team



Daniel is the owner of Fuller Bros Bodyworks and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the smash repair industry. You can catch Daniel in the office negotiating with the insurance companies or handing over completed work to our valued customers.

Picture of JASON
General Manager


Jason is Daniel's right hand man and spends his time looking after the boss. You can find Jason out on the front line, taking pictures of your car when it comes in and delivering it back to you in pristine condition.

Picture of FRANK
Office Manager


Frank is the front man of the operation here at Fuller Bros Bodyworks. You can find Frank on the front desk or as the first point of contact over the phone, and you can always rest assured that you are being looked after with Frank.

Picture of BEN C
Head Spray Painter & Manager


Ben is another one of our exceptionally skilled painters. We are not sure where you can find Ben C as he is always wearing a mask from all the spray painting he does.

Picture of BEN B
Head Panel Beater & Manager


Ben is in charge of process management throughout the workshop. You can find Ben running around the shop, looking like a Jack of all Trades, ensuring everything is delivered on time for our customers.

Picture of REBECCA


Rebecca is the other half of the accounting team in the office alongside Meredith. She is usually always talking and thinking about money, and sometimes by the end of the day you can see dollar signs in her eyes.

Picture of BRENDAN
Panel Beater


Brendan is another one of our highly skilled panel beaters in the Fuller Bros team. You can always find Brendan with a smile on his face, enjoying the work he is completing for our customers.

Picture of MEREDITH
Accounts Manager


Meredith is in charge of the business end of the operation. You can find Meredith in the office behind her computer, ensuring that the insurance companies cough up their end of the deal.

Picture of ALLAN
Apprentice Panel Beater


Allan is an all rounder in the workshop and spends most of his time assisting on repair projects. You can find Allan working hard and always providing a helping hand to his colleagues.

Picture of GREG
Panel Beater


Greg is one of our talented panel beaters, but is also in charge of quality assurance on work carried out in the workshop. You can always find Greg working hard and ensuring the highest level of customer service.

Picture of JOCK
Panel Beater


Jock is another one of our highly skilled panel beaters in the Fuller Bros team. You can always find Jock with his head down usually inside a car.

Picture of ROB
Parts Manager


Robbie is in charge of parts management and ordering in the shop. Robbie can be found in the office, working hard but hardly working.

Picture of JOE
Apprentice Spray Painter


Joe is another one of our skilled apprentices. Joe can usually be found assisting another team member or finishing allocated tasks.

Picture of JARAD


Jarad is one of our car detailers. Jarad can be found looking for extra work to do and always finding new and exciting ways to deliver exceptional and outstanding customer service to our customers.

Picture of SAMMY
Spray Painter


Sammy is a recently new addition to our workshop. You can find Sammy throughout the workshop and office with a positive attitude and big smile on her face.

Picture of TAYLAH


Taylah works alongside Frank at the reception desk. Taylah is always ready to lend a helping hand or provide you with some great on the spot advice.

Picture of CHRIS


Chris is in charge of all quoting services conducted throughout the business from private repair to insurance works.