Coming Soon to Snapchat!


Fuller Brothers is coming to Snapchat soon!

We are hoping it won’t be too much longer before we can start to share some amazing car repair photos with you and the general public.

Watch this space!

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New Website Launch

Welcome to our brand new website!

As you can probably see, it is very different to what we have had previously and despite our exhausting efforts to scope through the website, there may still be a few typos or errors that arise.

We ask that if you do see any typos, errors, broken links or just things that don't appear right on your browser, to please email us at: with the subject: WEBSITE.

We thank you in advance for your detailed eye!

Community Sponsorship

At Fuller Bros, we are dedicated to supporting our community. Each year, we actively take part in sponsoring local community based organisations right through to world renowned charity groups.

Our latest project has been the sponsorship of the Belconnen United Sharks Rugby League Football Club, which supports and encourages players and the community to become actively engaged in sports and to get together to have some fun.

If you are interested in joining, playing, or volunteering for the BUSRLFC, you can get in contact with their President by clicking on the image below:

Fuller Brothers Sponsorships

Going Beyond the Workshop

So you've recently been involved in an accident...

Your car is a wreck, you now have no means of transportation to get to and from work, and all you can think to yourself is how am i going to continue my day to day life without taking time off work?

This is where we come in. At Fuller Bros, we completely understand that you can't afford to just drop everything to focus on getting your car fixed and we are aware that life must go on. A car accident is bad enough on its own, without having to deal with getting on with the rest of your life without a car.

At Fuller Bros, we offer a few simple solutions to make your car repair process as seamless and smooth as possible.

Collect Your Car

If you car is driveable, we will come and collect your car for you. If it is not driveable, we will arrange towing of the vehicle to our workshop for you.

Courtesy Car

We will provide you with a FREE courtesy car! If we collect your car from you (if it is driveable), we will exchange the courtesy car for your car on the spot.


Once your car has completed its repairs and is looking brand new again, we will deliver your car to you anywhere in Canberra and collect the courtesy car.


It is literally that easy. 

Our aim is to make the burden of having a car crash as stress free as possible and leave you feeling looked after and confident about the process.