Insurance Repairs

Were you at fault?

If you were involved in an accident where you were not at fault, then you need to make sure you get all the relevant details from the other party involved in the accident (the at fault driver) such as personal, license and insurance details. If you were at fault, you simply need to provide these details to the other party.

Get in contact with us

The nest thing you need to do is get a quote on your vehicle repair. You will need to leave your car with us whilst we assemble a quote to be sent to your insurer for the vehicle repairs. In the meantime, we can arrange a courtesy car for you.


The Process

Although insurance repairs may sound simple when you read the steps above, it may not be that simple all the time. For the most part, your insurance company's approval is what holds us up from starting repairs on your car. 

The best thing that you can do in the event of an accident is to stay calm, check that everyone is alright and nobody has been hurt, and then go through the processes of contacting your insurance company and organising vehicle repairs.


Preferred Repairer

Its important to remember that when you lodge an insurance claim, you are entitled to choose your repairer, and not just the one recommended by the insurance company. If you would like your car repaired by Fuller Bros, you need to advise them of this when you lodge your claim.

Call your Insurance Company

After the accident, you need to call you insurance company and start an accident claim. They will ask you for all of the details surrounding the accident and then provide you with a claim number. They will then ask you to take your car to a smash repairer to get a quote for the repairs that need to be done on your car.

Vehicle Repair & Return

Once your insurance company approves the vehicle repairs quote, we can start work on repairing your car. Once your car repairs are completed, you can collect it or have it delivered and swap over the courtesy car.



Choice of Repairer

If you've never had a car accident before, or never needed to have your car repaired before, then when it comes to choosing your vehicle repairer, most people would be happy to leave it up to the insurers preferred repairer.

While this may seem convenient to simply let your insurance company choose, this may not always be the best option. See, when your insurers recommend their preferred repairer, they are doing so because they know that this specific repairer has a pre-arranged agreement with them to provide them with the lowest possible price on the repair.

As a result this may affect the quality of the repair job as the repairer is trying to save on costs to get the job. 

When you lodge a claim through your insurance company, you need to tell them that you you have already selected your vehicle repairer as Fuller Brothers Bodyworks.

If you are still unsure on what to do, simply pick up the phone and call us and we will be able to answer anything you need around issues like these, or read our article here on insurance companies "Preferred Repairers" in Australia.