Private Repairs

Private Repairs can be used for lots of different reasons....if your uninsured, don't want to affect you no claims bonus or if the repairs are cheaper than your excess. The great thing about private repairs is that you are 100% in control of the repair process from start to finish. You have a choice of repairer, you can compare quotes, and you can designate what you want to be repaired and when.

The process typically goes something like this:

Were you at fault?

If you were involved in an accident where you were not at fault, then you need to make sure you get all the relevant details from the other party involved in the accident (the at fault driver) such as personal, license and insurance details. If you were at fault, and you either don't have or don't wish to use insurance, then you need to provide all of your personal, vehicle, license and registration details to the other party, as you will be in charge of paying for repairs to their car.

Get in contact with us

The nest thing you need to do is get a quote on your vehicle repair. You will need to leave your car with us whilst we assemble a quote to be sent to your insurer for the vehicle repairs. In the meantime, we can arrange a courtesy car for you.


Getting back on the Road

As a private customer, you avoid the long hold ups that typically ensue with insurance company vehicle repairs. Your are completely in charge of the repairs on your car and we will liaise with you frequently about the repair process on your car.

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Liaise with other party

In the situation where you are at fault, you will need to liaise with the other party to organise how you will pay for repairs on their car. If you were not at fault, then they will either pay for your repairs via their insurance, or privately directly to the repairer or yourself.

Vehicle Repair & Return

Once your car repairs are completed, you can collect it or have it delivered and swap over the courtesy car.


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