We ensure minimal disruption to your life by providing you with a FREE courtesy vehicle.

Courtesy Car


We understand that sometimes you can’t live your life without your vehicle. Whether it be for work, travel or school pick ups, not having a vehicle can be a huge burden on your life.

By offering our customers a FREE courtesy car, we can take the time required to do a quality job, without the pressure of rushing to get you your vehicle back.

Unfortunately there are only a limited number of courtesy vehicles available which means we may not always be able to offer them when you need it. All this means, however, is that we simply hold off your repair until one becomes available.


Step 1: Get A Time Frame

You can either call us or book online to arrange a time to have the damage inspected and gather an idea of the costs and time involved.

Step 2: Check Availability

At a time that is convenient for you, we can book your car in to be repaired. We will align this with availability of one of our FREE courtesy vehicles.

Step 3: Collect Your Vehicle

Once your vehicle has been repaired back to new quality, we will call you to arrange collection of your vehicle. You can simply hand back the courtesy vehicle keys upon collection, or we can even deliver your vehicle to you and collect the courtesy car.

Step 4: Review Our Work

We would love it if you reviewed our work. Good or bad, your feedback will help steer us in the right direction towards providing the high quality services we strive for.

Request a FREE courtesy car with your quote booking