We offer a variety of specialist services from a variety of skilled technicians. We are also closely partnered with a range of other auto service providers including towing, servicing and auto electrical.


Providing exceptional, high quality repairs for all types of vehicle accident repairs, restorations & other projects. We also repair a wide range of vehicles from cars to caravans & trailers.


We are accredited by all insurance companies to handle repairs ranging from small day jobs to lengthy full body repairs.


To finish any repair project, or for that custom detailing project, our highly skilled spray painters will create a showroom finish to complete a premium finish.


Trust Our Garage

At our garage, we fully appreciate how difficult it is for people to find reliable and trustworthy garages where they can receive honest advice and a quality repair. We are always keen to prove to our customers that we are different!

  • We handle all makes and models and specialise in more than 40 car brands
  • We are fully licensed and accredited by relevant associations
  • We manage and repair insurance claims from all providers
Experience Is Key

Our highly skilled team of specialists have years of experience in their fields and are selected on this basis. Not only do our team posess great technical skills, but they also have great communication & people skills, making our team friendly and professional.

  • Combined, our team holds over 100 years of experience
  • Our garage has been in Canberra for over 23 years
  • Our provider relationships are strong, meaning hassle free repairs and smoother transitions
Mistakes Can Happen

It would be a mistake to think that we are perfect. Mistakes can and do happen. What matters is how these mistakes are handled and dealt with. We will ensure that any mistakes are corrected swiftly and efficiently, with little disruption to your life.

  • Lifetime warranty on all repairs
  • Courtesy vehicle provided for minimal disruption
  • Priority repairs aimed at rectifying problems as quickly as possible
Competitive Edge

We understand that sometimes cost matters most, and that finding the best quote is a common practice. We are, and always have been, more than happy to provide estimates and rough quotes online where possible. This gives you at least some idea of where to start, and how much you’re looking at.

  • Online advice & quotes 24/7
  • We will advise on appropriate action to take with insurance companies
  • We will beat any reasonable competitors quote by 10%



For unique and special artwork ideas, our skilled spray painting specialists can create the perfect look you desire.


For problems with your AC, we can service, re-gas and replace it to get it back to working order for you.


All of our repair work comes with a beautifully clean interior and exterior finish. We can also do specialist detailing for that truly stunning finish.


As part of your vehicle repair, we can replace a damaged windshield as well, often at no additional expense if covered by your insurance.


For additional customization’s to your vehicle, window tinting can literally add that extra layer of detail.


We can replace vehicle batteries and install them for you. For more specialist auto-electric services, we can have a partner specialist look at it.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all repairs