Natural wear and tear of using your vehicle means that driving pretty much anywhere will cause tiny imperfections in your paint work.

Stone Chip Repair
Stone Chip Repair


Stone chips are the result of many years of wear and tear, driving on hard surfaced roads. It doesn’t matter where you go or where you think you’ll be safe, one day you will end up on a newly resurfaced road and the damage will occur.

Depending on the extent of the damage, our $99 stone chip package may be the best and cheapest way of patching the job. With this, we create a bottle of colour matched paint that you can apply to the chips as you go.

If you are really wanting to remove all imperfections, then the entire bar will need to be resprayed, which can start from a few hundred dollars.


Step 1: Get A Quote

You can either call us or book online to arrange a time to have the damage inspected and get a cost effective recommendation from us.

Step 2: Book In

At a time that is convenient for you, we can book your car in to have a bottle colour matched to your car. This should take no longer than a day.

Step 3: Apply Patches

Once the colour is matched, either we or you can apply it to the car and slowly watch those little chips fade away.

Step 4: Review Our Work

We would love it if you reviewed our work. Good or bad, your feedback will help steer us in the right direction towards providing the high quality services we strive for.

Get your $99 stone chip repair touch-up bottle